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The Mental Health Club strives to make a positive contribution to the understanding and pursuit of mental health, particularly in our places of work.

About us

Our purpose


Our aim is to create a society where  mental health conversations are as natural as talking about our physical health.  The purpose of the MHC is reducing where possible the stigma associated with different aspects of mental health.

What does The Mental Health Club Offer?


For Organisations

The MHC offers practical workshops on a range of topics to help companies, managers and individuals understand more about mental health.


For Individuals

We offer insight into positive mental health through quizzes, articles, podcasts and interviews with people from the world of sports, arts and business.

Training and Workshops

Discover how we use drama based workshops to raise awareness and counter the stigma of mental health.


Listen to our conversations with experts, sports and business people about mental health topics.


Take our mental health quiz. Test your knowledge!

Activities and events

Learn more about our events and activities.

The Four Pillars

Mental Wellbeing is one of the Four Pillars



How we think and feel.

Exercise is one of the Four Pillars



Exercise, rest and sleep.

Nutrition is one of the Four Pillars



A balanced diet.

Social support is one of the Four Pillars



Supportive social networks.

Training and Workshops

Stigma of mental health


A half day workshop that uses drama, quizzes and interactive exercises to challenge the preconceptions we all have about mental health.

Confident Conversations


Our CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONS workshop enables managers to engage more openly and honestly about mental health challenges. Using professional actors to bring to life real situations, delegates are invited to interact with the characters to explore issues of mental health in a confidential and safe environment.

Young people and mental health


Aimed at parents, this two hour interactive session gives parents the chance to consider and explore mental health challenges facing young people today.


Podcast No.1


HR Director Rebecca Tapping offers her views about the challenges of developing a mental health strategy for an organisation

Podcast No.2


Stigma and Mental Health

Podcast No.3


Well-being and Perfromance


We’ll send you the answers

Activities and events

Join us at our quarterly BREAKFAST CLUB or CONVERSATION EVENINGS to hear global experts talks about a range of topics and to explore mental health themes through great conversations.

Mental Health Breakfast Club

Mental Health Evening Club

Contact us

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